Continued Professional Development (CPD)

Building upon the successful rollout of training health champions across South London, it is vital for the development of skills to be continuous. During the Health champion project, the training was not offered to Lewisham and Lambeth pharmacies as health champions have already been trained in the past. Therefore using the champions who have been carrying out their new roles for over 12 months as a pilot group to develop a skill based framework for front line pharmacy staff.

The CPD Passport for South London Pharmacy Staff

  • The Professional development Passport can be used as further evidence for pharmacies using innovation to develop and maintain the skill sets of their team.
  • In addition pharmacies will be able to demonstrate their commitment to public health
  • Further Evidence for commissioners to use pharmacies for delivering services with a highly skilled team.
  • Pharmacies are primary contact for many patients and carers, equipping pharmacy staff with additional skills, will lead to improved experiences and outcomes for patients and the local community.
  • Further development of communication skills, will lead to increased engagement with all stakeholders, especially other primary care providers which is vital in the new emerging health care system.
  • Benefit of investing into further up lift of skills, would essentially lead to a model where health champions can continue their professional development and become mentors & leaders in their own respectful roles, and therefore continue to facilitate public health services and community health interventions, from a ground level.
  • The CPD passport would be common across all south London pharmacies, and therefore candidates being able to take their skills and qualifications to new roles.
  • The CPD passport would be facilitated by the Health champion website.

How to Qualify for Level 2 in Applied Health Care?

  • Simply complete a minimum of four training programmes / gain certificates which are CPD accredited.
  • Submit Evidence online using your Log in and Password.

What is Level 2 in Applied Health Care

This qualification is aimed at giving students a knowledge and understanding of the principles of promoting health and wellbeing and how to direct individuals towards practical support in their efforts to attain a healthier lifestyle.

Unit 1 consists of the Level 2 Award in Understanding Health Improvement, assessed by multiple choice examination (This has already been completed by health champions). Unit 2 consists of a centre devised assignment which is externally verified by RSPH and develops the skills that individuals need to be able to apply their knowledge.

Topics covered include:

Inequalities in health within the UK

Possible reasons for health inequalities and current approaches to tackling them

How to help people improve their health

The role of effective communication in health messages

How to promote improvements in the health and wellbeing of other people

How to support people who wish to improve their health by changing their behaviour

What is Different?

  • find the health profile for the locality in which they work
  • pick four health improvement areas that they can contribute to in their locality
  • find the local services and facilities available for those four
  • gather information about these four services
  • use case studies to identify opportunities for brief interventions
  • identify willingness to change from the information given
  • choose appropriate sources of information
  • negotiate SMART goals with clients
  • produce evidence of delivering health promotion messages by three different methods

At a workshop we would concentrate on role play with individual clients both for brief advice and interventions, and presentation skills.

By the end of the session the candidate should be able to identify opportunities for brief advice on health issues through our speed counselling session, feel more confident to discuss health issues in a consultation room, and have delivered a short presentation on a health issue to a small group.


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