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Role of the Health Champion

The HC will be engaged in a range of activities that would normally meet the requirements of any HLP programme and the local needs of the community the pharmacy serves.

These are likely to include:

  • Proactively providing individuals and patients with information that supports their health and wellbeing, making every contact count and offering brief advice;
  • Signposting individuals to the help they need including resources [leaflets, websites], local services [including those provided by the pharmacy], local support groups, community and social services, the Health Trainer network;
  • Working with the whole pharmacy team to develop ideas on how the pharmacy can be more proactive with health and wellbeing; making the most of every interaction as an opportunity for an intervention;
  • Taking responsibility for keeping health promotion materials up to date and sourcing new leaflets and posters from organisations with an interest in public health;
  • Coming up with different health and wellbeing campaigns and helping to establish and maintain the health promotion zone in the pharmacy;
  • Considering whether the pharmacy is a healthy workplace and develop ideas to make it healthier for the staff that work within it;
  • Networking with other Health Champions to share ideas and what works well;
  • Completing an audit of the difference they are making;
  • Developing window displays to attract the public into the pharmacy and use the health and wellbeing services and;
  • Taking an active part in delivering the health and wellbeing services provided by the pharmacy such as stop smoking and weight management, where a service has been commissioned and the individual appropriately trained.
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